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Th alleles from tumorigenesis. Mutation can cause parathyroid hyperplasia (most consistent), pancreatic (man cause of death, metastasizes widely), and pituitary adenomas 1 set 19 wermer syndrome -germline mutation in men 1 tumor sup gene -pituitary, parathyroid and pancreas (3 p's) 1. Hyperparathyroidism- >80%, or hyperplasia or adenoma 2. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors= greatest cause of morbidity, aggressive and multifocal (insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, vip) 3. Pituitary adenomas- most often prolactinoma 1 set 20 3 ps (men have

enises) p-ancreas p-arathyroid p-ituitary 1 set 21 ad; menin; para/pit/panc + angiofibromas, lipomas 1 set 22 pituitary adenoma (usually prolactinoma), parathyroid adenoma or hyperplasia, and pancreatic adenoma (usually gastrinoma), ppp 1 set 23 parathyroid tumors pituitary tumors (prolactin or gh) pancreatic endocrine tumors (zollinger ellison , insulinoma, vipoma, glucagonoma) ++kidney stones / stomach ulcers 1 set 24 - aka wermer syndrome - involves mutations in both alleles of the tsg men1 - affects the 3 p's: 1. Parathyroid: primary hyperparathyroidism in mc and is initial manifestation, include both hyperplasia and adenomas 2. Pancreas: endocrine tumors of the pancreas, see gastrinomas in zes 3. Pituitary: prolactinoma is mc, some may develop acromegaly 1 set 25 multiorgan endocrine neoplasia. Affects 3xp's aka werner syndome parathyroid -> primary hyperpth pancreas -> functional pancreatic tumors, zollinger-ellison pituitary gland -> prolactinoma or somatotropin releasing tumor 1 set 26 (werner's syndrome) pituitary (prolactin or gh) parathyroid pancrease (zollinger-ellison syndrome, etc) "diamond" 1 set 27 *ppp* -parathyroid hyperplasia -pancreatic islet cell tumors gastrin insulin glucagon somatostatin vip pancreatic polypeptide -pituitary adenoma (maybe non-secreting) -mapped to chromosome 11 -menin gene, loss of tumor suppression 1 set 28 3 p's: pituitary, parathyroid, pancreas 1 set 29 syndome with tumors of: parathyroid, pancreas, and pituitary. Te 3 ps in descending order. 1 set 30 auto dom pancreatic, pituitary, parathyroid tumors 1 set 31 3ps: pituitary, parathyroids, pancreas parathyroids will cause hyperca, pituitary can have bitemporal hemianopsia or can secrete prolactin or gh. viagra tablets indian price viagra how long is it good for Will be ad inheritance in families. Pancreas could have vipoma which causes intestinal k and na secretion causing weakness and osmotic diarrhea. It will also cause achlorhydria, elevated ph in stomach or nasal cavity. Gastrinomas would decrease the ph not incerase it and are also part of meni. Could also be insulinoma. Think of the diamond. 1 set 32 -3 ps: pancreas, parathyroid, pi. What's True About You? Order Now!



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